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How to Heal Shin Splints

by Sharecare, Inc.

Shin Splints are caused by inflammation that affects your muscles, ligaments, and the thin layer of tissue along your shin bone or Tibia. They're a painful condition with similar pain symptoms to Tendinitis or a stress fracture.

Because of the similarities, it's important to see your doctor to get a definitive diagnosis. Shin Splints are usually caused by vigorous, repetitive, leg pounding activity. They're common among runners and dancers.

How can you treat a shin splint?

Choose a different form of exercise. This will give the inflammation a chance to recover and subside. That means bike instead of run, or swim instead of dance.

Apply a cool pack for 20 minutes. A couple of times a day and after each exercise session.

Try an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug. This can also speed up the healing process.


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