Matt Bollig and Governor BrownbackMatt Bollig, star quarterback for Ottawa University’s football team, received an NFL sendoff from former Kansas City Chiefs players at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Bollig, currently in Overland Park Medical Center’s intensive care unit, suffered critical spinal injuries in a freak weightlifting accident Wednesday during football workouts at Ottawa University’s Hull Center. Bollig, a paraplegic as a result of the injuries he sustained, will be transferred to a hospital in Denver for spinal cord rehabilitation.

“The Chiefs, including LB Anthony Davis and DL Bill Maas gave Matt a rousing NFL sendoff as he goes to Denver for intensive care and rehabilitation for the back injuries he sustained as a result of the accident,” says Damond Boatwright, chief executive officer of Overland Park Regional Medical Center. “Matt is the face of courage, and the Chiefs Ambassadors want to extend their heartfelt and compassionate best wishes to this young student athlete as he faces the challenge of his life.”

Bollig was lifting weights with other members of the football team when the accident occurred on Wednesday. Trainers and coaches immediately called 911 when Bollig lost feeling in his legs. He was transferred to Overland Park Regional Medical Center where physicians immediately performed surgery on Bollig.

Bollig also received a special visit from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

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