by Linda Friedel | Reprinted courtesy of KC Nursing News

Nurses Chris and Colleen Morrisey connected during their accelerated nursing program at Research College of Nursing.

“She took all the notes,” joked Chris, RN, nurse anesthetist at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. “I did better on the tests.”

Chris and Colleen first met while working on their prerequisites at Rockhurst University. Once they started the accelerated program, so did their relationship, said Chris.

“We were just more acquainted,” Chris said. “I flirted a little. We gravitated towards each other.”

They bonded with classmates during their coursework, Chris said, and helped each other cope throughout the intense program. Chris and Colleen helped to keep each other balanced, he said. They dated through the program, and then married a year after nursing school just two weeks before he started his nurse anesthesia program at KU Medical Center. Chris said their blended nursing marriage could not have worked out better. They have been married fi ve years and have two children. They always have been able to juggle their hours in order to have one parent always home with their children, he said. Chris currently works in a rotation schedule and Colleen works several 12-hour shifts each week.

“I couldn’t see it any other way. The hours are irregular,” he said. “We have lots of family times together. We just complement each other very well.”

The two see eye to eye when it comes to values, said Colleen, RN at Overland Park [Regional] Medical Center. They both gravitated to a helping field and say they love the profession, Colleen said.

“We both like helping other people,” she said. “We have the same values and morals. Very family oriented.”

Colleen said if one of them has a tough day on the job, the other understands.

“The other one gets it,” Colleen said. “They’ve been through it. We can relate to each other much better than someone who’s not in the medical field.”