How much leftover Halloween candy do you polish off every year? How many fistfuls of sugar-covered fat are you handing out to kids? Fright night, indeed. On the other hand, guilt-free handouts – baggies of trail mix, mini boxes of raisins, tangerines – are no treat if all you hear are disappointed sighs from princesses and superheroes. Solution? Do your sweet shopping at health-food stores, where finding these eight treats isn't tricky. Classroom and office friends will love them – and so will their bodies!

  1. Organic gummi bears
    There are several good brands of these fat-free organic treats and some come in 80-calorie packages, so no one overdoes it. Though a little less gummy than traditional "bears," the natural fruit flavors, like elderberry and apricot, are yummy.
  2. Tiny Trapeze Caramels
    If you like Rolos, you should try these chewy caramels. They have less than half the fat and calories of Rolos, and they're made with organic cocoa powder and cane juice. Everyone will scarf them up!
  3. Figamajig's Chocolate-Covered Almond Bar
    Kids will think this is a rich raisin-filled candy bar. Adults will love the chewy goodness of figs wrapped in delicious dark chocolate. And guess what? It's low-fat (only 1.5 grams saturated fat), high fiber (four grams) and covered with heart-healthy almonds.
  4. Reed's Ginger Candy Chews
    These bite-size candies deliver a mouthful of sweet, spicy flavor for just 25 calories a pop. Ginger's a natural tummy soother, too, which may offset the side effects of treat overload.
  5. Florida's Natural Pocket Fruit-to-Go Stiks
    Like fruit roll-ups, but healthier, these organic, no-gluten, fat-free chew sticks are bursting with natural flavors and have only eight grams of sugar, half of it from juice. Available in small 40-calorie packs.
  6. Angel Mints
    While there's nothing that devilish about LifeSavers mints, Angels have less sugar, fewer calories, and no artificial flavors. The tingly taste comes from pure peppermint oil. Even better, you can stash a few for those days when you're brain-drained – peppermint perks up mental alertness.
  7. Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Edamame
    Think chocolate-covered peanuts. But instead you get dry-roasted edamame covered in semisweet chocolate. For about the same amount of calories, you are also getting fiber (five grams), protein (seven grams) and only half the sugar of M&M's.
  8. CocoaVia Blueberry and Almond Chocolate Bars
    Finally! A real heart-healthy candy bar: flavanoid-rich dark chocolate, almonds high in healthy fat, blueberries bursting with protective antioxidants and some B vitamins. At only 100 calories, three grams of saturated fat and nine grams of sugar, it's okay to be slightly wicked on Halloween.

Is it really worth going out of your way for healthier treats? You bet. Bad fats can send your weight and risk of heart disease over the edge. Now that's scary!