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Timothy Kamerzell, MD

Timothy Kamerzell, MD

Internal Medicine
Dr. Timothy J. Kamerzell is a board certified internal medicine physician with Quivira Internal Medicine in Overland Park, Kan. He is affiliated with Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Dr. Kamerzell offers an extensive background in research, primarily in heart disease, and has served as principal investigator for numerous research projects in the areas of disease and treatment. He holds a doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry in addition to his medical degree. Dr. Kamerzell has several therapeutic drug patents pending and has written numerous articles and papers in his field. He has received multiple academic and research awards as well as grants to further his research. Dr. Kamerzell has served in professional leadership roles including fellows representative for the Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation, and is a member of the American College of Physicians.
Care Philosophy

Dr Kamerzell provides comprehensive personalized care that incorporates shared decision making. Patient and family preferences, values, cultural traditions and socioeconomic conditions are respected. Using this philosophy - Dr Kamerzell continuously strives to provide compassionate, collaborative, coordinated and accessible care.

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