It can be painful and potentially disabling when you injure a joint or bone. You can trust the orthopedic team at Overland Park Regional Medical Center for specialized care and the latest proven treatment and management options. We can ease your pain, help you heal properly and take steps to keep your injury or condition from limiting your function, mobility or future.

Our highly-skilled team includes surgeons, nurses, rehabilitation specialists and other specially trained and experienced professionals. We are committed to the prevention, assessment, treatment and management of injuries or disorders of the bones and joints. Together, we’ll create a care plan just for you, drawing from the technology and resources of Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Our goal is simple – to help you heal and recover as quickly, safely and completely as possible.

Support Before, During and After Treatment

Our team will make sure you have the information, support and resources you need to make decisions about your treatment and get the best results from your care. If you desire, we’ll also talk to family members or loved ones about how they can care for you and help support your recovery.

For example, if you need joint replacement surgery, your care begins before you enter the hospital. Through our joint care program, you’ll have access to:

  • A pre-surgery class with information about the procedure, precautions, hospital stay, discharge processes and the care you’ll need after you go home. You can bring your “coach” or caregiver, and enjoy a light meal.
  • Specialized rehabilitation services and education while you’re in the hospital.
  • Convenient and compassionate outpatient rehab to help you regain function after your surgery.

Whatever your condition or needs, we’ll be here for you every step of the way, from diagnosis and evaluation through recovery and rehabilitation. Your comfort, function and long-term wellbeing are our priorities.