A Natural Choice: Overland Park Regional Medical Center’s Certified Nurse Midwives

Overland Park Regional Medical Center offer’s you a more natural, home-like birthing experience with our network of certified nurse-midwives. We are a part of HCA Midwest Health, which has the region's largest network of certified nurse-midwives and the region’s first hospital system to offer midwifery services more than 20 years ago. The strength of our program and the compassion of our care team are part of the reason so many midwives choose Overland Park Regional Medical Center for their practice and their patients.

Our midwives provide personalized care for women with low-risk pregnancies. They can deliver your baby in a safe, secure environment at our hospital. Each of our midwives is an advanced practice registered nurse who has been master's-trained and board-certified through the American Midwifery Certification Board.

Certified nurse-midwives can administer drugs, perform medical procedures and provide other technological interventions if needed. But they promote and provide a more natural approach to women's care and childbirth. In fact, fewer C-sections and episiotomies are reported in births attended by midwives.

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Overland Park Regional Medical Center Midwifery Program

When choosing a certified nurse midwife for prenatal care and midwife-assisted birth at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, you can expect a supportive, collaborative environment for the birth of your baby. Our certified nurse midwives offer emotional and social support, and health education throughout pregnancy, delivery, and the postpartum period. If you choose a certified nurse midwife for your prenatal and obstetric care, you can expect exceptional personal attention and a quality setting for the delivery of your baby.

Our hospital certified nurse midwife teams provide expectant and new moms with education, counseling and hands-on assistance through both pregnancy and labor and delivery. They offer a variety of options from advocating for an unmedicated birth to supporting the woman’s option to receive an epidural and everything in between, while seeking to eliminate or minimize interventions for natural or non-intervention births, but with the support of a board-certified OB/GYN as needed. Additional support includes:

  • Hydrotherapy (water birth) tubs
  • Certified lactation consultants, breast-feeding education and support group
  • Nursing and obstetric support 24/7, including access to high-risk specialists
  • Doula referral services
  • Father-assisted birth
  • Labor and delivery support
  • Options for an unmedicated birth, epidural, nitrous oxide or other alternative therapies for pain relief
  • Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)
  • Postpartum care

Meet Our Midwives

Meet the midwives’ at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, learn their care philosophy and how they can help personalize your birthing experience.

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Why Choose a Certified Nurse Midwife?

There are many reasons women choose certified nurse midwives’. They provide care that is both high quality and safe, for their prenatal care and childbirth. The advantages of choosing a midwife include:

  • Low rates of cesarean sections
  • Hands-on support, physically and emotionally during labor
  • Midwives invite support of family and friends during pregnancy and labor
  • They provide vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC) in collaboration with physicians
  • Support for breastfeeding and CNM's commitment to work with new moms to help make breastfeeding successful
  • Partnership with physician colleagues to practice evidence-based medicine and maintain up-to-date knowledge regarding relevant research
  • Close collaboration with physicians to deliver the highest level of care

Personalize your birth experience

Your nurse-midwife will work closely with you to make sure your wishes are understood and respected, and to provide:

  • Assistance in developing a personalized birth plan
  • Education and counseling before and after you give birth
  • Hands-on support throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • A hospital-based birth with low intervention
  • Whenever possible, the option of an unmedicated birth, an epidural or other pain reduction methods
  • Encouragement and guidance for family and friends attending the birth
  • Support to help you bond with your baby and to make breastfeeding successful

Compassionate professionals working together

Our nurse-midwives partner with physicians to maintain their knowledge of the latest research regarding care for women throughout pregnancy and childbirth. They also have the support of board-certified OB/GYN physicians as needed, and can collaborate with specialists to help women who have had C-sections in the past who want to have a vaginal birth.

A lifetime of care

Our midwives can also provide holistic, personalized care for women of all ages - from teenage years through menopause and beyond, including:

  • Annual pelvic and breast exams
  • Ongoing gynecologic care
  • Family planning and contraceptive counseling, including implant and IUD insertions
  • Management of well-being during menopause