Having more than one baby at a time can multiply the love and excitement — as well as the stress. Carrying twins, triplets or higher-order multiples also means you’ll need specialized care and support to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Your babies also need specialized care. But relax. You can trust Overland Park Regional Medical Center to give all of you the right start.

More Moms Trust Overland Park Regional Medical Center

No maternity hospital in the Kansas City region has more experience supporting women expecting multiples than Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

We have the area’s most advanced physicians (obstetricians, perinatologists, maternal fetal medicine specialists, neonatologists and pediatric specialists) and the expertise and technology to monitor—and help ensure—the health of you and your babies throughout your pregnancy and the birthing process. Our services include:

  • We will pair you with your own Maternity Navigator—a labor and delivery nurse—who will regularly visit with you one-on-one to develop and walk through your unique pregnancy plan.
  • Specially designed classes for women expecting multiples.
  • International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants who provide breastfeeding support for more than one baby.
  • Free Breastfeeding Support Group after you go home.

Meet the Hartman Quadruplets

High-Risk Pregnancy Care for Mom

We understand your pregnancy requires extra attention and our team is here to help you through your journey. Our perinatologists specializes in high-risk pregnancies through delivery and after, following up to make sure you and your babies are recovering and doing well.

You will have access to the Maternal-Fetal Health Center at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Our physicians collaborate with you and your primary OB/GYN to provide specialized care offering:

  • State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services
  • Comprehensive genetic testing
  • Management of complications of pregnancy including maternal medical conditions
  • High-risk labor and delivery
  • Counseling services
  • Expert fetal care including in utero therapy for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome

Antepartum Unit

Your pregnancy may require more, and even around-the-clock, attention. The Antepartum Unit at Overland Park Regional Medical Center provides inpatient care for women who need to be hospitalized before giving birth. We provide highly specialized care and monitoring to pregnant women with a variety of medical conditions, including multiples. Our staff works closely with your obstetrician to provide the best outcome for you and your baby. The obstetric and perinatal subspecialists at Overland Park Regional Medical Center are always available to support the needs of you and your baby.

High-Risk Pregnancy Care for Baby

Our level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), is Johnson County’s most advanced NICU. The unit is equipped and staffed to care for “micropreemies” born as early as 22 weeks. We provide comprehensive care for all NICU babies, including advanced surgical care for micropreemies and other babies with serious health issue. Families have immediate access to pediatric subspecialists, including pediatric cardiology, pediatric neurology, pediatric general surgery and pediatric gastroenterology.

If your babies need follow-up care after they go home, you’ll be referred to our NICU Follow-Up Clinic, which provides specialized care tailored towards multiples.

Whole Body Cooling

Overland Park Regional Medical Center is the first and only hospital in Johnson County to offer whole body cooling for infants in its NICU. The NICU at Overland Park Regional Medical Center includes a multidisciplinary team of neonatologists, neurologists, therapists and nurses to provide care to infants who require whole body cooling.

To find out more about our care for multiples and their moms, or any of our neonatal or women’s services, call us at (913) 541-8330.